Tim Hawkinson
left and detail: STAMTRÄD (FAMILY TREE), 1997
Pencil on popsicle sticks 76" in diameter

STAMTRÄD reminds us of the old view that claimed Earth as the axis around which the stars and planets turn. Similarly, at the epicenter of this ingrown family tree lies the fruit of ten generations: "MIG=ME". It's a hairy notion, and then what? It might be difficult to meet another monad willing to mate under these conditions of distance...

One finally notices that the artist's autobiographical Self remains obscure, hidden, alluded to but not revealed. Despite its every insinuation, the body stays a tool used in work. Its application marks the final image/object with a faint trace, an impression or shadow, but never a clear rendering or portrait of the missing Self. There is a fault-line to be negotiated here. Explanations ARE needed in terms of autobiography, because that level lies well beneath the surface display we are given to consider.