Rudolf Steiner:
Blackboard Drawings, 1919-1924
Feb 7-Mar 21 '98 at Peter Blum

The exhibition features forty diagrammatic drawings made by Steiner as accompaniments to his lectures. For years, the renowed scholar and mystic drew on blackboards that he erased at the end of his lectures. In 1919 his colleague Emma Stolle began placing sheets of black paper over the blackboards in order to preserve the resulting works on paper, towards the continuation of Steiner's thought and teachings. Steiner's writings made a strong impression on the late Joseph Beuys, who made blackboard drawings of his own that he dubbed "the prolongation of thinking."

To the right: detail of a drawing dated August 3, 1924 illustrating THE REALM OF THE ANGELS - "It is so, that from the relatively singular realm of the angels a split realm arises. One part tends upward into the heavens, the other down to Earth."

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