Emiko Kasahara: Immaculate Fabrication
Jan 11 - Feb 1 1997

This is work in which the carnal confronts the obsessively clean and orderly. One's first encounter is with a group of patterned images made by glueing false eyelashes to paper. Upon entering the gallery, the visitor experiences the scent of bleach, which infuses the space with a cold, antiseptic quality. The bleach fills two sensuous marble sinks/breasts, bringing to mind both bodily fluid and holy water.

The centerpiece of Immaculate Fabrication is a line of three austere dormitory-style beds, covered in crisp and clean white cotton sheets. In each bed, a metal cylinder lined with fleshy silicon rubber has been strategically inserted to correspond to a sexual orifice. On the floor in front of the beds is an enormous blonde wig, extended into the form of a geometric floor sculpture. The hair is meticulously combed.

Emiko Kasahara has exhibited widely in Japan. This is her first solo exhibition in NYC.