Cornelia Parker
Mass (Colder Darker Matter) is the centerpiece of this exhibition. Presented as her featured work in the 1997 Turner Prize Exhibition at the Tate Gallery in London, this installation is constructed from the charred remains of a Texas church that was struck by lightning.

The artist had arrived in Texas for her Spring 1997 residency at ArtPace in San Antonio when she heard about an electrical storm that had destroyed a wooden church. "I went down and asked the Baptist minister if I could have the charcoal to make a charcoal drawing - which is what I consider this to be," she told the critic Louisa Buck. "I like the way that all the emotion of religion and the drama of lighting can be distilled into a very simple, quiet piece where all I'm doing is presenting the charcoal..."

'Cold dark matter' is a scientific term used to describe the substance that exists in the universe, yet remains mysterious and unquantifiable.