"Ah! you're familiar with my daubings? They are not, I would say, at too presumptuous a remove from my main line of work, since I make them with two ends of my only instrument, that is to say by drawing with the nib of a goose quill and painting with the bristles of the barb."

---Victor Hugo, remark recorded by Jules Laurens

Composition with taches  ca. 1875
Wash of bluish ink on creme-laid paper, folded in two 17x21 in.

Splashes, smudges, fingerprints, marblings made by pressing two sheets of paper together, transfers, rubbings, dabbings, wiping the ink away with care or, on the contrary, causing it to pull, were among the many formal possibilities open to him. ---Florian Rodari

The Drawings of Victor Hugo