"I am very happy and very proud that you should choose to think kindly of what I call my pen-and-ink drawings. I've ended up mixing in pencil, charcoal, sepia, coal dust, soot and all sorts of bizarre concoctions which manage to convey more or less what I have in view, and above all in mind. It keeps me amused between two verses."

---Victor Hugo in a letter to Baudelaire, April 29, 1860.

"Hic clavis, alias porta" (The key is here, the gate elsewhere)   1871
Pen, brown-ink wash, black ink, graphite, black crayon, charcoal, reserves and fingerprints or dabbings with highlights of white gouache on vellum paper, partly rubbed and scraped 18x18 in.

Motifs that recur throughout Hugo's graphic work abound: flagstones, arches, yawning gaps, crypts, oval windows, wooden meams, standing or tumbledown columns, sections of wall that form enormous letters, clouds - in short, an architecture fit for giants rather than men, mineral, grandiose, terrifying, from some other age than ours.---Florian Rodari

The Drawings of Victor Hugo