Annette Messager: DependanceIndependace
Annette Messager: "I've just finished reading Mishima's Forbidden Love, which I liked almost as much as Genet. With Genet the force of his desire goes far beyond, even transcends, morality and reality. I'd love to have that visual, novelistic writing, at once beautiful and raw. For example, he writes about his ear being touched by a boy 'Lucien kept trying to unfold the edge of my ear. He would roll it, unroll it, break it.' How could I possibly represent that in my pieces? Genet's stories are our stories - all of us - our desires, our miseries and our lies. Sartre said that Genet described rites, not facts. He was a fabulous mythologist. I would like so much to approach that 'Cour des Miracles' in my work.

---Annette Messager's comments were given in an interview with Jean-Louis Froment, founding director of the capcMusee d'art contemporain de Bordeaux.