Richard Serra: New Sculpture Oct 24-Dec 14 '96

Richard Serra: The focus of the art for me is the experience of living through the pieces, and that experience may have very little to do with physical facts of the work of art, very little to do with that. But when you're talking about intentions, all you're telling people about is the relation of physical facts. And I think an artwork is not merely correctly predicting all the relations you can measure. Some people think it is, so they set up a construct and tell people their intentions, and then the construct verifies the intentions. Everybody has their own language structure that they put in it - they run it on a tape loop in their head - and what that does, those kinds of intentions, is to preclude people from experiencing the work.

---interview by Liza Bear, 10/30/73 NYC. First published in Avalanche Newspaper 1973.