Andy Warhol, "Camouflage Paintings" 1986
silkscreen and acrylic ground on canvas

Nov 7-Jan 9 '99 at Gagosian 136 Wooster Street

Thomas Kellein wrote: "With the Camouflages, a military pattern that helped hide weapons of war in the landscape was brought into play for an abstract, informal flood of paintings. Warhol expanded the vegetable like effect of leaf-shaped sprigs and islands, first into square, then onto rectangular formats, until the "all over" ideal of the Abstract Expressionists had been brought back to its familiar origin: the water lily paintings of Claude Monet. This historically burdened design was brightened and lightened by colors to such an extent that we stand in front of some spiritually emphatic testimony to abstract painting, ready to lose ourselves in the Camouflages as in a landscape."

On the other hand, one might enjoy this cheerful exercise simply as a 'theme and variations' - a well art-directed design project.

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