Alexis Rockman is known for painstakingly executed paintings and watercolors of the phenomena of natural history. In these new "dioramas" he creates three-dimensional spaces, seen in shallow relief, which are encased in layers of resin. The artist uses actual objects and photographs along with painted and sculpted forms to create strange and hermetic vignettes.

"It's great when people ask me: does that really exist? I want to create a context where a lot of questions are asked."

"I'm sick of being earnest. I've got to put more of my personality and sense of fun in the work before I end up so crotchety, old and sober. I want to embrace ambivalance, confusion, sadism, and humor."

"No, squirrels don't fuck rats, frogs don't have rodent tails, there is no such thing as a flower with a penis and monsters don't live under golf courses. I don't know what it means. I don't think there is a truth."

Alexis Rockman