Tracey Emin
Every Part of Me's Bleeding

left: "The Hut" 1999, rebuilt beach hut once co-owned by the artist.

right: "Psyco Slut" 1999, applique blanket 96x76 in.

foreground right: "Leaving Home" 1999, metal tub, gin, two keys, two suitcases, chains, spool of thread 59x54 in.

A significant segment of the contemporary art public is amused by forms of Confessional Art that are almost solopsistic in their focus on the minutae and intimacy of the self. Along these lines, value is determined more by press coverage than by accomplishment. Apparently, it is possible to get attention through a titillating mix of self-assurance and self-loathing, an interplay that processes itself in autocannibalism.