Dave Heath
Published in 1965, A Dialogue with Solitude presents 82 photographs taken over a ten-year span by Dave Heath. The book is a moving, eloquent statement of both hope and despair. On exhibition are Heath's working proofs, in which he developed the layout, design, and rhythm of the book. Almost forgotten until this exhibition, Heath's project is testimony to the inner necessity of artistic creation, even when the odds are against the work becoming known or acclaimed. The following is Heath's preface to A Dialogue with Solitude :

Disenchantment, strife and anxiety enshroud our times in stygian darkness. Pressed from all sides by the rapid pace of technological progress and increased authoritarian control, many people are caught up in an anguish of alienation. Adrift and without sense of purpose, they are compelled to engage in a dialogue with the inmost depths of their being in a search for renewal; the burden of anarchy rests heavily upon them.