Jean Marc Bustamante: interview fragments

My works are not very persuasive at first. they open up on nothing, confirm nothing. They are neither brilliant, nor conclusive. They can, it's sure, make one nervous.

I had been stunned by this sentence from Beuys defining the site as a place chosen where an event happened in the past or could happen in the future. The secret nature of this site being expressed by its own composition.

These seemingly quiet pieces are also paradoxically nervous, violent. It's the cuts, the crenels, bolts, sharp contours...

The artist develops through his work a materialized thought, which is the world he makes appear. The more I progress with precision in my work the less good I feel in my life. Completely paradoxical feeling: the more I understand what I am doing, the less I can bear my daily life. The greater the maturity in my work, the more unstable and fragile one's own life.