Peter Plagens: Paintings and Collages Dec 4 - Jan 11 '97

For Newsweek art critic Peter Plagens, this represents his 10th solo exhibition at the Nancy Hoffman gallery, dating back to 1974.

In his last exhibition at Nancy Hoffman - more than four years ago in 1992 - Plagens's mixed media paintings featured predominantly white backgrounds (although much of this "background" was painted near-to-last) on which his characteristic clumsy/pretty configurations comported themselves. Later that year, Plagens abruptly shifted to primarily black-background paintings. This year, the black evolved to subtly different (in each painting) slate grays, and the foreground configurations became even more eccentric. Plagens's method of including a single hard-edge "badge" of bright color in each picture continues, intensified.

Peter Plagens was born in 1941 in Dayton, Ohio.

---all text courtesy Nancy Hoffman Gallery.