Daniel Lee: 108 WINDOWS
"Han-Sun Temple, in Eastern China, was famed for the far-reaching sound of its ancient bells. The bells were traditionally rung 108 times on special occasions, including New Year's Eve. Each roll of the bell reverberates through one of the 108 windows in the Buddhist underworld as a means of expressing its blessing to the entire 108 entities in the circle of reincarnation. Chinese Buddhism believes that there are six basic levels of entities in reincarnation: Fairies, Humans, Guardians, Demons, Hell Prisoners, and Animals. Through these cycles of transformations, man has inherited certain traits from his inhuman counterparts and molded them into his nature. Inside my Temple, there are portraits of 108 beings. The Temple with 108 Windows reminds us of our past and asks where are we going." - Daniel Lee

All portraits were created by computer manipulation (Photoshop) and outputted by digital ink jet printing.

"Originally, making these animal-like portraits ('manimals') came from my idea that man and animals are really not a whole lot different. If we look at our evolutionary history, for example, the emergence of man from the beasts is like yesterday. We still have a lot of animal-like thinking and behaviour in us. We can be vicious. We still have this ugly, uncivilized part of us beneath the surface."

Known as Lee Siaojing in Chinese, born in China and raised in Taiwan, Lee now lives in New York.