Robert Ryman: New Paintings
May 4-June 21, 1996

In seven new oil on canvas paintings, Ryman used two types of ground tones: sand or iridescent blue to create both warm and cool white paintings which are mounted on wooden blocks and measure 84x84", 90x90", 96x96", or 102x102".

The current exhibition features three paintings:Track,Cast,andType, which Ryman purposefully painted alike using long, wide gestures, resembling calligraphic marks. The artist likened the process of creating similar paintings to a musician playing the same piece of music three times; there are always subtle variations in the same composition. - text courtesy of Pace Wildenstein

The maximal minimalist has discovered design and (are you sitting down?) color, albeit the palest possible shades of beige and gray, which are painted over in his signature white, in every possible degree of reflectivity. The exhibit is exceptionally well mounted, with soaring interior architecture, designed by the artist, which gives every painting its own wall. And these works deserve special treatment: looking at Ryman takes time, but the longer you linger the more intensely they glow. - courtesy The New Yorker (June 3, 1996), p.20