Julian Schnabel: The Conversion of St. Paolo Malfi
February 15 - March 23, 1996

The Conversion of St. Paolo Malfi consists of twelve paintings, measuring from 96x96" to 120x108", made with gesso, oil, resin, and print on canvas or tarpaulin. The words "The Conversion of St. Paolo Malfi" or "Adieu" are painted across the surface of each support.

The series was painted by Schnabel in 1995 in memory of Paolo Malfi, an Italian artist and friend of his who was tragically killed in Rome. Malfi, who met Schnabel over thirteen years ago, worked for Sandro Chia and Francesco Clemente as well as painting his own work. In the past, Schnabel has frequently alluded to religious figures in his work and when the artist was painting this summer he initially wanted to address the conversion of St. Paul. The end result, however, was a pictorial response to the death of his friend.

- text courtesy of Pace Wildenstein