Francis Bacon   works from the estate

Triptych, 1991   Oil on canvas each 78 x 58 in.

  Francis Bacon
"In the complicated stage in which painting is now, the moment there are several figures - at any rate several figures on the same canvas - the story begins to be elaborated. And the moment the story is elaborated, the boredom sets in; the story talks louder than the paint. This is because we are actually in very primitive times once again, and we haven't been able to cancel out the story-telling between one image and another." -FB
(all quotations from a 1962 interview with David Sylvester)

Read the story behind the exhibition of these images in Another Look at Francis Bacon, Carol Vogel's Oct 13 '98 article in the New York Times. Included are views of Bacon's London studio.

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