Mary Ellen Carroll
"Without Intent" Apr 13-May 11 1996

In "Without Intent", Carroll has created several projects exploring the relationship between subjectivity and objectivity, using the urban landscape, and specifically Manhattan, as the backdrop.

Carroll employs various non-traditional printing and production methods to create her work. The main installation consists of 236 images using the physical boundary of Manhattan from the Harlem River to Battery Park, where Carroll recorded every intersection along Broadway. All of the pictures were taken with a camera mounted on the artist's back, eliminating the intention of documenting a specific subject or frame. In order to remove the historical precedent of "the photograph" Caroll will present the images as permanent printer's blue lines, a printing process that is becoming obsolete in the electronic age. A book containing 236 images from the exhibition will accompany the show.

In another project, entitled "Lots", Carroll reveals the hidden social and spatial intent contained within the design of the parking lots of major public spaces in the five boroughs of New York City.

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